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Generation SWAGG Presents: JMV2


Last year Kingdom Artist Royal.T released Jesus Music Vol. 1 on and brought many artist together in unity to take Jesus to the streets! The project was successful and this year Royal.T has returned and teamed with DJ Kutz in bringing you Generation SWAGG Presents: Jesus Music Vol. 2. Royal.T has enlisted the help out Kingdom Music heavy hitters such as Yaves, Young Chozen, and Du2ce. We will also hear from up and coming Kingdom Artist such as D-Tropp, J Steela, IIISamuel and the list goes on. Royal.T believes that this project is going to reach the masses and is expecting to release it on October 24th on multiple platforms. “It’s time that we start getting this music out into the dark music. The time has ended that we hold this music just within the Christian circles. Time to get this mixtape, burn a bunch of copies and get out in the streets!” said Royal.T. This project is now available at






What Is Project 31?


What’s good everyone it’s ya boy Royal.T and I am so excited to share this with y’all! Normally we as Christians don’t participate in Halloween Festivities. I was sitting back thinking on some things and it came to me that we are missing out on a huge ministry opportunity! So God gave me the vision for Project 31! What is Project 31 you might ask.

On October 24th, the highly anticipated Jesus Music Vol. 2 will be dropping Last year JMV1 was a huge success and it featured artist such as Twyse, Du2ce, Bravo, Rey King, and many more. This year will feature JB Real, Ric Flo, Trachead Family, Du2ce, Young Chozen, Nine Up, Kidd, Legion of Souls and many more. We are dropping this mixtape one week prior to Halloween for a reason. Here comes the challenge!

CHALLENGE: We want everyone to go out and buy 50-100 blank CDs! When Jesus Music Vol. 2 drops on October 24th we want you to go download and immediately burn copies. When Halloween rolls around we need y’all to PARTICIPATE! Go out and buy some candy. And when the kids come to your door give them some candy and also give them a cd! Share the Gospel. See we have a chance to take authority over this night and win souls for the Kingdom. Are you willing to help?

I am very excited about this and this is Generation S.W.A.G.G.’s first official event. I need y’all’s support on this one! Share this with everyone you know and let’s win some souls for the Kingdom. Sometimes we have to be able to think outside of the box! If you have questions feel free to hit me up at Also follow us at @GenerationSwagg on Twitter. Okay fam. I’m outta here.

Keep It Kingdom,



Official Statement from Royal.T


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Are You Listening?


Good morning family! It’s your boy Royal.T and I am back from my break and excited for what is coming! As many of you have seen the city of Joplin, Missouri was devestated by a tornado last night that left a lot of destruction in it’s path and changed lives forever. It’s sad anytime this happens but this time it hit close to home for me. I am stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO and I’m about 2 hours from Joplin. By the grace of God the twister missed us. It just goes to show you that anything can happen at anytime. Continue reading “Are You Listening?” »


Royal.T Drops “The Prelude”

The Prelude Cover

New Kingdom artist Royal.T is set to release his debut mixtape “The Prelude” on April 11, 2011. Formally known as Preacher Boy, this project will be leading into “The Death of Micah Butler”.

“The Prelude” is the introduction of Royal.T’s story of living a transformed life. He takes you on the journey of who he used to be and where he is going. This project reflects a transformation of the old self and the inevitable killing of your flesh once you receive Christ as your Savior which will then begin “The Death of Micah Butler”.

To listen and download the mixtape, please visit


Get Ready For The Prelude

The Prelude Cover

What’s good fam? I hope you guys are ready for The Prelude! I’m really excited about this project. A lot of people have been telling me I should have made it more than just 5 tracks but I just want to give you guys just a little taste of what you can expect to hear when my debut mixtape, “The Death Of Micah Butler” drops on July 7th, 2011. So make sure on 7-11-11, you lock into and download “The Prelude”. After that make sure you spread the word family. Love you all and appreciate all the support!


The Prelude Drops 4-11-11


The Prelude drops this Monday. I’m super excited. You guys have absolutely no idea. It’s like 1 am and I’m still up! Basically it is the prelude to my debut mixtape, “The Death Of Micah Butler” which drops this summer. A lot of work was put into this project and I hope the 5 track teaser really speaks to y’all! I love music but most importantly I love this ministry. Let’s get the word out about this project. Guarantee you guys will not be disappointed! Well let me get out of here and get some sleep! Love y’all and remember you are ROYAL! Start walking in it!



Welcome To The Royal Nation


Well family it’s official. I’m back! Welcome to We are really excited for this new site! I’m going to keep this first post short because I really don’t wanna bore you. What I will say is you are going to enjoy what we got coming for ya! Below I dropped a nice lil vid to get you ready for Monday. It’s gonna be big fam!

Love Y’all,

Royal.T~1 Pet. 2:9